Spanking A-Z Challenge – Z

To continue the Spank A-Z Challenge…

Z – Zebra. What’s black and white and red on the rump? A zebra who’s been spanked.

Yeah. My comedic skill might be a bit lacking.

In the mean time – Occam’s Razor points out that if you hear hoof beats you should think ‘horses’, not ‘zebras’. I kind of like being something unexpected. Most people look at me in my everyday, vanilla life, and think I’m a ‘horse’ – ordinary and common around here.

But really I’m just hiding my stripes.

Spanking A-Z Challenge – Y

To continue the Spank A-Z Challenge…

Y – Yelp. Non-verbal communication. A yelp is both animalistic and very human, because it’s not always just an expulsion of breath, sometimes it includes the voice – a sort of slurred ‘ow’.

This is one of the hardest parts in writing about human relationships, particularly sexual or kinky ones – humans make a lot of sounds that are not precisely words.

Some of those sounds have names – yelp, squeak, snort, snarl, whimper… but some of them don’t. The questioning hm-mm? the grumbly throat sound, the grunting ‘uh uh uh’, the exact quality and length and intonation of a moan…

And so we try our best, sometimes leaving it up to the readers’ imagination – “she cried out”, “he rumbled”, “they whined”; or try to mimic it – “ah ah, little slave, don’t do that” … but always it falls short of the huge range of actual human sounds.


Spanking A-Z Challenge – X

To continue the Spank A-Z Challenge…

X – Xanthous. Of the color intermediate between green and orange in the color spectrum; of something resembling the color of an egg yolk.

Bet you didn’t find that in your crayon box, did you?

How does that relate to spanking? I’m glad you asked. 😉 It’s one of the colors that a deep bruise will turn as its healing. So now when your top asks you to describe the lovely marks you received from them, you can – if the bruise is a greeny-yellow – say “xanthous” (zan-thus). And see how long your top will let you get away with smugly asking why their education is so lacking as to not understand plain English.

Trust me, it’ll be amusing. (For me to hear about. ;)) I’m not quite enough of a brat to try it… or maybe I am. Hmm…

Spanking A-Z Challenge – W

To continue the Spank A-Z Challenge…

W – Women. Women are by far the most common gender to bottom to a spanking. (Yes, I think that gender is something of a spectrum, but that discussion is not this post.) And men are by far the most common gender to top.

It makes it easy, when you’re a female submissive with a male dominant. You can use cute euphemisms like ‘he definitely wears the pants in this relationship’ or ‘we have an old fashioned marriage’ or ‘father knows best *giggle*’.

When you’re a male submissive with a female dominant? Not so much. You run into people who assume it’s the other way around. Or who consider you ‘pussy whipped’, a ‘pansy’, a ‘sissy’, or just not a ‘real man’.

So I’m wondering if there are good euphemisms for male submission or the female-dominant relationship. I’ve heard the ‘queen’s knight’ or ‘queen’s champion’ one, and I like that, but I need a greater range of ideas here, and I really don’t like ones that have a tone of disdain – example, ‘she wears the pants’ just doesn’t quite show much respect for the male sub. Come to think of it, some of the ones I mentioned for a female sub don’t either, as they’re really just throwbacks to an assumed patriarchy.

I wonder if there are better, more respectful but still discreet euphemisms for D/s relationships of all stripes?

His Two Wives

So my book His Two Wives (originally released as Druwn’s Wives, by Eslynne Weaver, and later released as part of the Medieval Maidens box set as His Two Wives, by Eslynne Miller) is one of today’s “Spank of the Day” at Crystal’s Many Reviewers! Thanks for including my book!

And wow. If I spend too much time at her site I’m going to add a ton of stuff to my library. There are several books already that I’d like to read… yum.

Spanking A-Z Challenge – V

To continue the Spank A-Z Challenge…

V – Violence. To a lot of people, Domestic Disciple or BDSM (Bondage & Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sadism & Masochism) are indistinguishable from Domestic Violence.

And on the surface, it may seem that there are a lot of similarities. There might be pain. Name-calling. Restrictions in movement or activities.

But the bottom line is consent and improvement. Do the people involved clearly, enthusiastically consent to the relationship (not necessarily each individual action, there are sometimes gradations in long term relationships – is anyone enthusiastic about folding the laundry? – but to the relationship as it is?) and does the relationship improve their lives in a meaningful way (as in, are they generally content? can they be their best selves in the relationship, or are they shut down, stifled, miserable?)?

If both of those things are present, whether it’s a vanilla relationship or a kinky one, I would call it a healthy relationship. If they aren’t, I would think it’s not healthy – again, whether it’s a vanilla or kinky relationship.

Spanking A-Z Challenge – U

To continue the Spank A-Z Challenge…

U – Unbidden. Adj: 1.not invited, requested or asked for.

I like this word – it invokes a sense of helplessness, of a sensation or emotion that came up and took over one’s mind or body without asking permission, without being intentionally called forth.

Impolite and messy, unbidden describes those things that sweep into your space or your mind and declare themselves.

Most things in life are unbidden. What, then, do you do with them?

Really, that’s the question.

Spanking A-Z Challenge – T

To continue the Spank A-Z Challenge…

T – Treasure. Treasure those you love. Treasure yourself. Treasure love, and understanding, and the touch of someone who cares about you. Treasure life, treasure beauty, treasure joy. Treasure the chance to be your best, truest self, and treasure the hearts of those who entrust theirs to you. Treasure family, treasure friends, and treasure those quiet moments alone when the silence overwhelms you. Treasure blood and tears and baby kisses and passion kisses and the ungiven kiss from someone you love who, because you love, you let them go. Treasure the cycle of the seasons, the years, the moon, and every heartbeat. What must go up must come down, what falls must rise again. Treasure.

Spanking A-Z Challenge – S

To continue the Spank A-Z Challenge…

S – Spanking. What a surprise, right? You saw that one coming, I bet.

Angie looked up at her Dominant from where she knelt on the floor. He reached down from his seat on the bed and caressed the side of her jaw. She tipped her head, leaning into his touch. It was magical, his touch. The way his rough fingers felt against her skin always increased her heart rate. His thumb brushed over her lip as he spoke, and she started to tremble.

“Are you ready for your spanking, girl?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Come here then.” She stood up between his knees. His fingers snagged her lace panties; they slid the thin fabric down her hips to her knees. She bent over his thigh, her left hip tucked close to his left hip. She bit her lip, turning her head to look up at him. He patted her bottom, and the touch sent a jolt through her heart. She sucked in breath. “You’re going to be a good girl and be still for me, aren’t you, Angela?”

“I’ll try, sir.”

Smack! His hand landed sharply on one bottom cheek and she gasped. “Wrong answer.” Smack! It landed on the other bottom cheek. She wiggled. What did he want her to say?

“I’ll be good!” He ignored her, his hand rising and falling, rising and falling while she gasped and whimpered. The sting was turning her bottom pink. “Please sir! I’m trying!”

“Did I ask you to try?” She frowned, but then her thoughts were scattered by the flurry of hard spanks that landed on her sweet spot, that soft flesh between buttock and thigh.

“No sir!” Her breath was a pant now, but he didn’t stop spanking. She scissored her legs when he slapped the crest of her buttocks, turning his pink hand prints red.

“What did I tell you to do?” His hand was big and unrelenting, a steady fall of spanks alternating from one cheek to the other.

“Be good! Be still!” He stroked her thighs and a frisson of fear skittered along her spine.

“Are you being still?” She wiggled, her body proving his point. “No.” Her fear was realized as he began to spank her thighs. She twisted, but he paused long enough to catch her wrists together and press her back down. “Be still.”

Abruptly the lightbulb went on. “Yes sir. I’ll be good! I’ll be still!” He continued spanking her thighs. “Please!”

“Prove it.” She took a deep breath, quivering with the rush of sensation from the spanking, and relaxed her legs, holding her body as still as she could. “Good girl.” The spanks moved up to her bottom again, and she exhaled, relaxing further over his knee. The burn had become an ache, a throbbing heat. She moaned. He shifted down, spanking her sweet spot. “Good girl. When I finish here, I’m going to sit you on the wooden chair for 10 minutes. You better sit still without  squirming, or I’ll put you back over my knee and give you a reason to squirm. Do you understand me, Angela?”

“Yes, sir. I’ll be still.” Eyes closed, she sank into the wildfire licking at her skin.