With One Hand Behind My Back

So, the book is out. It’s on Kindle Unlimited, which means that it is unfortunately not available anywhere but on Amazon; though for those of you who have Kindle Unlimited, it’s free! Yay, free books! You can still purchase it for $2.99 if you do not have Kindle Unlimited, however.
Cover ebook With One Hand Behind My BackWith One Hand Behind My Back 

If anyone would like an additional bit of story – leave a review on Amazon, message me with details, and I’ll send you a scene that wasn’t included in the book!

Spanking A-Z Challenge – Z

To continue the Spank A-Z Challenge…

Z – Zebra. What’s black and white and red on the rump? A zebra who’s been spanked.

Yeah. My comedic skill might be a bit lacking.

In the mean time – Occam’s Razor points out that if you hear hoof beats you should think ‘horses’, not ‘zebras’. I kind of like being something unexpected. Most people look at me in my everyday, vanilla life, and think I’m a ‘horse’ – ordinary and common around here.

But really I’m just hiding my stripes.

Spanking A-Z Challenge – Y

To continue the Spank A-Z Challenge…

Y – Yelp. Non-verbal communication. A yelp is both animalistic and very human, because it’s not always just an expulsion of breath, sometimes it includes the voice – a sort of slurred ‘ow’.

This is one of the hardest parts in writing about human relationships, particularly sexual or kinky ones – humans make a lot of sounds that are not precisely words.

Some of those sounds have names – yelp, squeak, snort, snarl, whimper… but some of them don’t. The questioning hm-mm? the grumbly throat sound, the grunting ‘uh uh uh’, the exact quality and length and intonation of a moan…

And so we try our best, sometimes leaving it up to the readers’ imagination – “she cried out”, “he rumbled”, “they whined”; or try to mimic it – “ah ah, little slave, don’t do that” … but always it falls short of the huge range of actual human sounds.


Spanking A-Z Challenge – X

To continue the Spank A-Z Challenge…

X – Xanthous. Of the color intermediate between green and orange in the color spectrum; of something resembling the color of an egg yolk.

Bet you didn’t find that in your crayon box, did you?

How does that relate to spanking? I’m glad you asked. 😉 It’s one of the colors that a deep bruise will turn as its healing. So now when your top asks you to describe the lovely marks you received from them, you can – if the bruise is a greeny-yellow – say “xanthous” (zan-thus). And see how long your top will let you get away with smugly asking why their education is so lacking as to not understand plain English.

Trust me, it’ll be amusing. (For me to hear about. ;)) I’m not quite enough of a brat to try it… or maybe I am. Hmm…

Spanking A-Z Challenge – W

To continue the Spank A-Z Challenge…

W – Women. Women are by far the most common gender to bottom to a spanking. (Yes, I think that gender is something of a spectrum, but that discussion is not this post.) And men are by far the most common gender to top.

It makes it easy, when you’re a female submissive with a male dominant. You can use cute euphemisms like ‘he definitely wears the pants in this relationship’ or ‘we have an old fashioned marriage’ or ‘father knows best *giggle*’.

When you’re a male submissive with a female dominant? Not so much. You run into people who assume it’s the other way around. Or who consider you ‘pussy whipped’, a ‘pansy’, a ‘sissy’, or just not a ‘real man’.

So I’m wondering if there are good euphemisms for male submission or the female-dominant relationship. I’ve heard the ‘queen’s knight’ or ‘queen’s champion’ one, and I like that, but I need a greater range of ideas here, and I really don’t like ones that have a tone of disdain – example, ‘she wears the pants’ just doesn’t quite show much respect for the male sub. Come to think of it, some of the ones I mentioned for a female sub don’t either, as they’re really just throwbacks to an assumed patriarchy.

I wonder if there are better, more respectful but still discreet euphemisms for D/s relationships of all stripes?

His Two Wives

So my book His Two Wives (originally released as Druwn’s Wives, by Eslynne Weaver, and later released as part of the Medieval Maidens box set as His Two Wives, by Eslynne Miller) is one of today’s “Spank of the Day” at Crystal’s Many Reviewers! Thanks for including my book!

And wow. If I spend too much time at her site I’m going to add a ton of stuff to my library. There are several books already that I’d like to read… yum.